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We aim to make the best shower doors for you and your clients.

With the rapid development of real estate industry, in past 20 years, we mainly supply building glass and glass shower enclosures to domestic famous real estate companies and have grown vigorously to overseas market, we have had the advanced CNC machinery installed, giving us the ability to manufacture our own glass products to the highest quality and cost-effective performance.

Lantin take great pride in employing the most professional, highly trained, and experienced technicians in our industry. Combined with the quickest lead time and highest quality products available on the market today, it’s no wonder that Lantin stands out as a leading OEM&ODM supplier for any brand and demand.

lantin design team

Lantin can create custom designs to fit your needs. Our self-produced glass comes in various different sizes and types for your easy customization. We also offer four thickness options, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. Please view our buying guide for more information on the products and accessories that we offer.

Your customized requirements on packaging and design can be met.

best shower doors

Give us a call at (86) 571 82875607 or send us a message and we are always ready to help!

We also provide:

  • Custom and standard table tops from 5mm to 8mm.
  • Glass doors, windows and partitions
  • Glass railing systems
  • Back painted glass
  • Glass cabinets and shelves
  • Commercial building curtain wall

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