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Lantin Bath and Shower Enclosures, a sub-brand of Hangzhou Blue-Sky Safety Glass Company, has grown to be a leader shower door company in the designing and manufacturing of custom bath and shower enclosures in China, Lantin not just focus on the high quality of bathroom products which is certified by CCC, ISO, CE, SGS, CTC, CSI systems, but aim to provide perfect solution for the high quality of people’s life.

With over 20 years manufacturing experience and relentless pursuit of best price with best quality, Lantin products have been spread over every corner of the world with a list of loyal customers. Lantin works closely with them no matter what roles they play – home improvement store owners, wholesalers, traders and project contractors, even end customers, for we have a philosophy that there is never a task too big or too small that we can’t handle as ” For the quality life of people you care and you serve ” we are ready to help!

Hangzhou Blue-Sky Safety Glass Company has served the clients all around the world, including many domestic commerical building glass projects, we are capable of any of your customized glass projects. 

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Lantin is equipped with the latest glass fabrication machinery and 70,000m2 workshops, the daily glass capacity is up to 20,000m2, all of these factors allowing for the fine art of customizing glass shower doors that conform to clients’ specific measurements which is fundamental to grow the business every year. 

The unlimited design freedom that resulted from wide selection of glass and hardware options, and as an experienced manufacturer, factory direct prices, short lead times are what differentiate Lantin from other shower suppliers.

You are very welcome to be provided with the best service From Lantin shower door company, Lantin Bath and Shower Enclosures continues to ensure that every task we can handle as “For the quality life of people you care and you serve”

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